Third Analects

The Third Analects, including essays on the subjects of service, emotions, and logic, are some of Surak’s most consulted and highly debated writings.

Click on the links below to access the chapters either as they originally appeared in Traditional Golic Vulcan or as a translation into Federation Standard English.

Naur-Krus   Og-Elakh t’Dvin                     Part Nine   The Thread of Service


7 responses to “Third Analects

  1. Na’shau n’odu Sidzhan – Nam-tor kitaun t’odu lo’uk -ek’klem na’vuhrgwau n’au la. Nam-tor nash-veh s’ Ki’palikal etek n’ong svi’shi’svatorai fi’savan-don-tak t’Surak. Vesht dungi nam-tor nahp t’odu taluhk-mau na’etek.

    Greetings to you Sidzhan. Your writings are great, all my gratitude for sharing them here. I’m from We started in the forum a topic about the teachings of Surak. Your thoughts would be very valuable to us.

    • oT’Prion —

      Dor-tor du n’nash-veh k’ya’akashan ta vuhrgwau nash-veh nahp svi’shi’svatorai.

      It has been very much in my mind to join the forum discussions regarding your most beautiful creation — “Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on.” Only a lack of time has kept me away. The growing season is so short where I live that spring is a mad scramble of tasks. Life calls to life. But I have some time this evening, so I will join the forum and the discussions there.

      I urge anyone following this comment thread to visit to experience this song/video dedication to T’Khasi (Vulcan) and the strength of her people.


  2. oSidzhan –

    Dor-tor du n’nash-veh k’kilko-tor na’tuhskaya t’nash-veh sahris ruhm ma tu goh zam-wak.

    Thank you for having shared your thoughts in our Forum. It allows us to see the discussion about Surak under a new light. I’d be definitely very interested to talk with you about >Nam-tor i’wak tuhs-yut t’on< when you have time. I know life can make us very busy in some periods.

    Sochya eh dif

  3. oSidzhan–

    Ah more Surak.: -) I noticed where you found it too. Are you enjoying the Vulcan’s Soul trilogy?

    As for Surak, the more I read, the more I like this guy.: -)The dream he had is a wonderful one. It was a shame he didn’t see it happen. Unless one of those Monks donned his Katra and updated Surak on the news.

    • oT’Mihn —

      The Vulcan’s Soul trilogy is one of the first ST series I read that focused on Vulcan culture and, along with Spock’s World, remains one of the best. The quote from Surak,”It is not withdrawal from our world that will save it, but instead, the desire to go out and transform it” comes from Exodus, Book 1 in the series.

      The next section from Surak will be the Thread of Emotions. Hopefully, we’ll have that text to post by early autumn.

  4. I look forward to reading more. I have found Vulcan philosophy to be a most interesting topic for a long time. The Analects posted so far have given me something new to ponder. You have my thanks.

    Live long and Prosper,

    • And you have my thanks for taking the time to ponder and comment. Lately, I’ve had to spend time away from developing this site to study and teach, but this summer I hope to release more of the Third Analects.

      Peace and Long Life.

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