A Message from the Vulcan Academy of Cultural Heritage

While we wait for the release of Surak’s Second Analects, I thought I would share with you a message I recently received from the archivist of the Vulcan Academy of Cultural Heritage. A few months ago, I wrote to inquire about the existence of a map, showing major settlements and territories, from Surak’s time. I’m frequently asked about the history of Na’nam Province, political alliances and divisions, the location of various monasteries, and I’m not always able to answer such questions without a cartographical reference. Unfortunately, maps from Surak’s time were lost through intervening wars.

Here is what Archivist Karek had to say. A translation into Federation Standard English follows:


Ki’poprah n’ya’akashan s’odu na’to’ankha-besan t’Na’nam s’pal t’Surak. Vun-ro’fah ta veling ri kup-prah n’ish-ro’fori-ves fna’noshtra khrashik t’ish-pal. Ma n’yeht’es ta fator kla-hil-tor heh besau Sarvahl tsokallar heh shi’fiferhanaunlar ik vesht nam-tor fa’Va’ken-Izaya. S’talal tuwak s’T’Par t’razhilan t’Aba’kur heh fna’ta hau n’oska t’Anonak, kup i’fereik-tor n’nen-besan t’krusol. I’ma n’toyeht-sep-wafikhan k’besan-tanafsu ik T’Rel, heh gish ta ovsoh n’ar’tu fa’tevun-shataya. Dungi mestau n’odu ish-wak ik nam-tor is-bosh-besan la’ka-yehat.

Kal-tor fator tal-tor n’kilkolar t’deshkerlar t’odu.

s’Karek ik Oskasu t’Shi’Oren t’Ek’Iyula-Visak’a T’Khasi



We have received your request for a political map of Na’nam dating to the Age of Surak. We must inform you that due to the violent nature of the times, such information does not come readily to hand. You are correct that Sarvahl continues to research and plot the territories and settlements which existed prior to the Reformation. With the recent findings by T’Par of the Aba’kur Excavation and the records kept at Anonak, we can now create a basic rendering of the province. We have a contract with artist T’Rel and expect her to complete the project before year’s end. We will contact you when a useful image is available.

May you continue to find answers to your questions.

Karek, Archivist of the Vulcan Academy of Cultural Heritage


If you would like to see the original transmission from the Academy, click on the link below. Here you’ll see the Academy’s official logo and letterhead. The text appears in the Zun typographic system, developed by Briht’uhn. For more information about Zun and the Ogen dialect of Modern Golic Vulcan, please visit korsaya.org. Special thanks to Briht’uhn for the Ogen translation and transcription into Zun.

Transmission from the Vulcan Academy of Cultural Heritage

In Service,