Second Analects

Scholars today usually concur that the Second Analects date to 325-326. Within these chapters, the concepts of IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) and Kaiidth (What is, is) are introduced to the Vulcan populace.

Click on the links below to access the chapters either as they originally appeared in Traditional Golic Vulcan or as a translation into Federation Standard English.

Kaur-Krus: Og-Elakh t’VVVT                Part Five: The Thread of IDIC

Shehr-Krus: Og-Elakh t’Kaiidth            Part SixThe Thread of Kaiidth

Stehr-KrusOg-Elakh t’Naat                Part Seven The Thread of Respect

Ohr-Krus: Og-Elakh t’To’ovaya            Part Eight: The Thread of Growth


10 responses to “Second Analects

  1. oSidzhan,
    Itaren for the Analects. It’s highly informative, and Surak’s unique humor is seen in the second Analects part five.
    Dif tor-heh smusma

    • oT’Mynn,

      I believe we shall see more of Surak’s humor in the remaining sections of the Analects [wink].

      Wa’itaren na’tuhkskayalar t’du. Sochya eh dif.


  2. oSidzhan,
    Sochya eh dif.
    You’re welcome,the comment is genuine. If I translaited your comment correctly. Since I’ve no access to any Vuhlcansu speakers,I’m learning this hard way. :)I’m gratified to know there will be more of the Analects forthcoming. Do you mind if I post these to a forum,crediting your site and sources from which you obtained the writings?
    Dif tor-heh smusma

    • oT’Mynn,
      I do not doubt your sincerity. You and Briht’uhn are most kind, but as Surak once said, “There is no higher praise than ‘satisfactory.'” This may sound cold to humans, but we’ll see what he meant by that in Parts 7 and 12 of the Analects. There are 13 parts in all. By all means, please share them with anyone you wish.

      Thanks for your support!

  3. oSIdzhan,
    sochya en dif. itaren n’oklem. “Satisfactory” isn’t cold to me. If a Terran understands the culture and the person which is speaking, it can be taken as a positive sentiment. Sine I happen to to study other cultures, their languages, and people, I won’t look at them through my culture’s point of view as it is not.

    On the anelects. sanu-nar’vah neruk klem t’nash-veh.
    I will post these to a Vulcan guild forum for discussion. So far the response has been.. most satisfactory.

    dif tor-heh smusma

  4. Vulcan curiosity peeked. 😀

    This is an Star Trek RPG forum, but discussions are welcome. here is the URL

    Many folks who actually try to play a Vulcan will use the VLI, yours and oBrith’uhn’s websites as resources. It’s proper to get it right.

    As for the above Vuhlkansu statement I’d amde in the previous message, was it used correctly?


    • If you are referring to sanu — nar’voh neruk klem t’nash-veh (please, accept my humble gratitude), then, yes, it was used correctly. Itaren n’oklem.


  5. ha’ I was refering to that. Good.

    You might notice a jumping back and forth etween the two languages. It’sa way to help me become more comfortable untl it cenments into the subconscious.

    sochya en dif

  6. ” I said nothing and watched him work. He told me of other times when someone had offended him, and I became alarmed at the violence within him. But I listened and nodded with understanding. Although I did not agree with his behavior, I gave him my respect. As a guest in my house, he could expect my courtesy. ”
    I so often find myself in this position, and feel the same dilemma.

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