Peace and long life.

This site is offered as a vehicle for discussion in the best of Vulcan tradition. Here the visitor will find links to the Analects of Surak and to each of the volumes as the text and translations becomes available. The reader is invited to post comment, in either Gol-Vuhlkansu or Federation Standard English. As time permits and discussion warrants, some of translator Shupal’s  Tuhskayalar (Commentary) will be posted for further debate. As this is a work in progress, the reader is encouraged to visit often. Additionally, visitors are welcome to contact me at sidzhan.tgai@gmail.com

In service,

Sidzhan, Site Administrator


4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Ro’fori maut-teporilauk.. Wa’nashau nash-veh odu. Sanoi ta ki’afer-tor odu nash-uzh-shi heh i’wedzh-tor yaretau k’ashiv. Saudau ta nam-tor odu trensu t’patanafaya isha. Sanu — starpa’sha’voh tveshu t’kitaun-li-fal ik abru’la. Ni vaksurik..

    Dan-neruk —


    • Dor-tor odu nash-veh, oBriht’uhn, hi vaksurik vanu-tanaf-kitaun na’korsaya.org. Wa’maf-tor Snovekh na’kitaun-li-fal ik abru’la. Hi vah vesht tar-tor Surak, >Rom gla-tor vaksur wilat kup veh.<

      For the benefit of our Terran friends:

      Briht'uhn has asked about the origin of the Vulcan script in the header above. It is an excerpt from the ka nifoor ritual: "Vesht akarshif, lesh Vuhlkansular ulidar t'falek t'salur mazhiv heh t'yon-dak yon-dukal….Tusa na'kusut…." or "Ages past, Vulcans bore the mark of heat, of blowing sand and of burning sun….We wept for the pain…."

      The lines above were written in Shupal's hand as he worked to translate the Kir'Shara, comparing the traditional words to Surak's opening meditation in the First Analects. The lines are written in the Dzhaleyl script, which is read top to bottom, right to left.. The script has generated much debate among scholars and is worthy of study. I will post a treastise here in the near future.

      In service,

      • I’bek-tor veh k’tranush na’ta oren-tor n’shefik hayaik pa’nash-kitaun-torektra ik Dzhaleyl. Nam-tor bifik ta dungi sanoi ovsoting. Abi’ish-wak — s’Briht’uhn

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